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Campisi Fine Food and Deli - About Us

About Us


Campisi Fine Food and Deli was established in 2007, in West Hoxton, a family owned and operated business, by founders Grace Campisi and her husband Tony. Grace and Tony created this business from the inspiration of their parents and their heritage, with an Italian background, they pursued their passion to work with their traditional authentic foods.

As an award winning Delicatessen we aim to provide the highest levels of service and quality to all our customers. "We sell products from around the world that are unique and exclusive to Campisi Fine Food and Deli." Since 2007 we have extended our range of 'prepared meals' to be able to provide our customers with convenience . We create freshly made pizzas on a daily basis, ready to cook. We also stock frozen gourmet lasagna, ready made aranchini, fresh continental bread rolls which are baked hot every hour in store and imported gourmet deserts. And not to forget our most exclusive product, not to be found anywhere else in New South Wales...our fresh or frozen Stock Fish Ready to Cook!


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